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26 August 2015 - An update! No dolls so far, but I have declared September to Finish that WIP! month. Follow how that goes on Manor Pixel Dolls. I picked 5 works in progress and will do my best to finish them that month. I will also be updating Manor Pixel Dolls a bit more, and hopefully also work on the dollmakers. I may even use an older js dollmaker script, but I know I will be challenged by time. Not having enough of it, I am afraid. Anyway, thanks for still visiting.

Old Updates and News

13 December 2014 - It's been a while, hasn't it. I am throwing in a little update, because it seems like I might be dolling again. Daelusion really needs a lot of love, even before I add new dolls.Anyway, check out the new dolling forum The Catwalk. You will find some very nice people there, who also happen to make very nice dolls.

6 August 2012 - www.daenelia.com now has 6 dollmakers. There have not bene many dolls this past months, partly because I was working on www.daenelia.com, and writing for Steamhawke. I am not sure if August will be that much better for making dolls. After all, we're expecting Guild Wars 2 to come out at the end of the month! Still, I will try to make a few new poses for the male verson of Babs, so he can have a whole base set for himself.

4 July 2012 - Finally. www.daenelia.com is up and running. I also have a few new dolls which I will add to Daelusion. Plus a new base set! I am also active on Worlize, a 2d avatar chat site. Worlize uses avatars, and I have created a few custom dolls for members there. I'f you'd like one, just ask.

On a side note, we're still going strong with Steamhawke, which now has its own domain! We are on chapter 5, which is a very coordinated chapter with plenty of action and fight scenes. But there is always room for new characters, so if you'd like to write in a steampunk setting with a great group of writers, stop by and join us.

5 March 2012 - How time flies. The reason I have not updated in almost 3 months is because we are still very busy with the Steamhawke role play site. I have not made many dolls in the last few months. Only four to upload now! I should make more, because I now have a new drawing tablet, which I'd like to use more. It's just that there are only 24 hours in a day.

20 December 2011 - I finaly uploaded all of 2010 as an archive and will be removing old dolls from the category pages in January. Updating took a little longer than i anticipated, or was that because I am a bit preoccupied with my new role play site?

About a month ago we opened up a steampunk pirate roleplay group, and we have been busy with it ever since. I hope that once we get rolling, I will have a little extra time to make some dolls based on original characters of the rp. The rp is called Steamhawke, if you like steampunk stuff or pirates stuff.

18 november 2011 - I just finished creating the 2009 archive page, with 40+ dolls. It was a fruitfull year, because I half-participated in a base race. I also have not been making a lot of dolls lately. I know that lots of dollers would advice you not to keep your old dolls on site, but I just like to have one complete archive of all my stuff, dolling-wise. And I am almost done, Next month: 2010.

About 2 and a half weeks ago we opened up a steampunk pirate roleplay group, and we have been busy with it ever since. I hope that once we get rolling, I will have a little extra time to make some dolls based on original characters of the rp. The rp is called Steamhawke, if you like steampunk stuff or pirates stuff.

15 October 2011 - I added fewer dolls than I thought I would, this month. In fantasy there is a mummy-doll and a lady in a green dress. And in casual there is a cute Back to School girl and a trio of dolls. I also uploaded three of my old base sets. That means I now have 5 base sets available on Daelusion. You can find more, and older, sets on Pixistar.com.

November will be the month I archive my 2009 dolls, and in December I will archive my 2010 dolls. Depending on how many dolls I make next year, I will be archiving my 2011 dolls halfway through the year. My, a year goes by faster every year.

16 September 2011 - I am quite happy that I manage to update Daelusion once every month! If only I could be as good with The Manor. Anyway, there are a few new dolls. See the fantasy section for an outstanding Hogwarts uniform. And you may also noticed I cleared up the navigation panel on the Dolls section. You can now easily move to another category when you are viewing dolls. And I added a new page with Terms of Use. I did not think I'd need one, but apparently even some ex-dollers have trouble understanding the concept of linking back to give credit for the dolls you show off. And it is really simple, eh?

24 August 2011 - This month I am skipping the new dolls update. I only made one doll anyway. I have, however, uploaded three pages of my old dolls. 2008, 2004-2007 and Really Old Dolls. 2009-2010 will follow at the end of the year, because I still have some dolls of this period in the current categories. In total, there are now...178 dolls in total on this website. That makes this officially my most complete doll hoard on the web.

Please remember to read the rules before taking any dolls for your own purposes. It is okay to just save a doll to your own computer. But it is not allowed to take a doll I made and then show it on some other website. At least link back with an actual link to this site or The Manor. With actual link, I mean: clickable. I am more than happy that you like to show my dolls to more people, but make sure you point them back to my site. After all, I did the work, right? If you don't want to link back, do not use any of my dolls. So simple, and no one gets hurt.

16 July 2011 - Only 3 new dolls last month. But because I finally half-completed my last set of Madadim, I can add more than 3 dolls in this month's update. July is also Ethnic Dolling Month, which focusses on dolling something different from your own cultural/ethnic background. My 5 dolls of the Space: Above and Beyond cast fits with that theme. I am not American, Asian, African or In-Vitro. Or male. Or a space marine. For a pacifist, I sure enjoy militaristic scifi series a lot. Fiction beats reality. For the coming month, I feel a lot of inspiration to make dolls, but again: it is more about finding time.

21 June 2011 - Madadim finished a few weeks ago, and I managed to finish 23 pixel dolls. I am still working on the last few dolls to complete the last set. Summer is the season when most dollers have some free time to draw and make new dolls. Unfortunately I don't have long summer vacations anymore. But I will try to make a few interesting dolls. You can see my latest editions in Historical dolls and Fantasy Dolls. I also added my entry to the polyvore contest at Zebra Inc. to the Casual section.

14 May 2011 - This month is Madadim; Make a Doll a Day in May. You can join the second half of the month over at the doll forum The Gathering. Since I am updating once a month at Daelusion, you can see my first set of 7 dolls in the section Pop Culture: it's the cast of Frasier. I am nearly finished with my second set of 7 dolls: the 6 wives of Henry the 8th. Plus one.

14 April 2011 - Two days ago I opened up The Manor again. And today it is time to put up my dolls site, Daelusion. If you came here looking for my free layouts for dolls site, go to The Dolling Club at dA. You can find free layouts especially for dolls sites there. So how will this work? Daelusion wil have all my dolls, without anything else to distract you. It will even have my few bases. The Manor will be where I keep some of my dolls, loads of resources and articles about dolling. Daelusion: clutter-free. The Manor: filled with stuff. You decide what you like best.

31 March 2011 - Though I am working on both sites at the same time, this all took a lot longer than I thought. I am again trying to get it all sorted tomorrow, just before the weekend. Mainly because we will be offline and computerless. I also decided to host my HTML templates on my deviantArt account. That way this domain is finally freed up for my doll portfolio (which, yes, sounds ridiculous. And that's fine by me.).

4 March 2011 - New layout tested. I am slowly building a new site, hand-coded. Even though I liked having my dolls on the Joomla version of The Manor Dollhouse, there was something missing. Or maybe, there was a lot more going on than just dolls. Splitting my dolls from the articles and information about dolling seemed logical. So here I am, testing out a new layout! Hopefully, the new site with dolls and bases will be online this weekend.

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