About Daelusion and Daenelia


Who: Call me Dae, Daenerys or Daenelia
What: Office Managing/Graphic Design/Webmastering/Translating/Communication and Marketing, and student on the side.
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Why: Drawing and painting are my hobbies, making pixel dolls followed naturally.
How: I use whatever graphics program I have at my disposal; from msPaint, to GIMP, PhotoPaint or PhotoShop.


Daelusion is my third site about my dolls. In 2001-2 I had Manor El'Dae. I moved my dolls to The Manor Dollhouse in 2004, when we had our own domain. I kept dollmakers on Manor El'Kendy, which was closed in 2007. And this year, 2011, I decided to split The Manor Dollhouse in a dolls portfolio and a more magazine-like site. Daelusion is a name that just came up and I decided to use that for showing off my dolls and bases.


Owner/Admin at The Manor Dollhouse
Co-Admin at Five and Dae's Randomby Forum
Sub-admin at Pixistar Base Search Engine
Co-Admin at Random Sims Stories
Active Member at The Catwalk and Glam!
Member of Pixel Princess, Pixel Empire, DeviantArt, LiveJournal, The Sims 3, Steam
Writer at PxT Magazine (inactive doll magazine)